BlueSun, in line with its Vision, Principles and Values, works with the objective of prospering and obtaining the trust and respect of employees, suppliers, customers and consumers.

To achieve this, beyond strict compliance with the Law, BlueSun establishes in its Ethic Code the general principles of conduct and ethical behavior which must be met every day. The Ethic Code serves as a guide so that we all know and share ethical and legal a way of acting, reflecting the BlueSun Principles and Values.

To contribute to this, BlueSun makes available the present Ethic Hotline, which is subject to the provisions of the corresponding protocols for actions against complaints, as well as to the Privacy Policy of this system. Through this, employees of the Company and related third parties may raises a concern about behaviors that lack ethics, integrity or violate the principles contained in the Ethic Code.

The aim of the Ethic Hotline is to report allegedly unlawful conducts or violations of the Ethic Code confidentially, as well as denouncing any possible irregularity, both internal and external, that goes against the interests of the company and its stakeholders.

Anyone who raises a concern about a possible compliance breach in good faith will be supported by the Company, which guarantees not to retaliate in any way. Any act or threat of retaliation will in itself be considered a serious violation of the Ethic Code. In all instances, every effort will be made to ensure that information relating to a reported violation is kept confidential and communicated on a need-to-know basis only. In some instances, however, this may not be possible because of the demands of conducting a thorough investigation or because of certain legal requirements.

We inform you that the Ethic Hotline complies with all the provisions of the legislation on protection of personal data, as well as that the information collected by this Ethic Hotline is strictly confidential and is managed by CANALDENUNCIAS SL as an independent third party, in order to report possible irregular behaviors on behalf of BlueSun. In case of doubt about the functioning of the Ethic Hotline, you can contact the company responsible for the data processing of this Ethic Hotline through the following contact information:

CANALDENUNCIAS SL. Adress: Impresores, 20, Parque Empresarial Prado del Espino, Boadilla del Monte, 28660, Madrid.

By placing your report with CANALDENUNCIAS SL you acknowledge and agree that BlueSun may process, store and otherwise use the reported information, to the extent the law so permit, to investigate and take appropriate action in response to your report. Likewise, you agree to having your personal data and information processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy for CANALDENUNCIAS SL.

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